We got married young so now let's figure this shit out.

We’re Home Baby

We can always *try* for a perfect home.

There’s a stigma that comes with getting married, no matter how old you may be or your financial situation. When a person (in America, anyway) thinks of a couple who is newly married, many things pop into their heads. Let’s not even discuss the baby talk and skip right to one that seems to be a no-brainer: a home. I’m going to give society credit and say that having a home no longer means that you must buy a home, just have somewhere to live. This place is yours, a place for you two to run around the kitchen throwing flour at each other while baking cookies for your neighbors. A big, comfy couch in the newly painted living room where you can watch your Blu-Ray movies. Don’t forget the breakfast nook for coffee and the morning paper.

As for us, our home is complete with a germ center.

So maybe I’m being a little pessimistic and my view above may be a bit 1950’s. I guess that’s a bit right, but in a way I still think some of these ideas (while modified) are true. Being married is wonderful, but the expectations are scary. These expectations can just be the ones I am putting on myself, the old high school friends who tell me congratulations in the grocery store, or in the family members who start any question with “So…” Yikes.

You can imagine what this means for Mike and I because well, we live in a basement. That’s right folks, watch out Eric Foreman, new basement dwellers are in town. Basement dwelling is an art all it’s own, but doesn’t go hand in hand with marriage. Living in a basement can be arty, the all so awesome hipster probably would love my living situation (besides it not being located in the middle of a just as hip city) and it’s also ideal for any son who decides that video games are better than working and beer is better than water. It has it’s many connotations but in the end, this is our basement, and for now it is our home.

Welcome, this is our home when you walk in the front door.

Our basement home may have more negative or positive vibes behind it due to the fact that Mike’s mom lives above us. Yes, this is his mothers house and his converted basement/garage is where we live. We have a bathroom and a bunch of kitchen appliances plugged into a shady outlet so we can eat and the rest of our kitchen is in boxes. In our “main living area” we have all the essentials. A bed, a couch, a TV, our movies and video games, and of course, a couple Mac computers. But our home also has a lot of love, a lot of laughter, tons of friends (seriously, what’s a night in alone?), and happiness. Ultimately, there’s some things a lot better with our living situation than what it could be. And well, I’m thankful for that.


To see more photos of our home, check out our Flickr.


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