We got married young so now let's figure this shit out.

We Are Adventurous

At least the horses were nice.

So the strangest thing happened this week. On Tuesday morning, Ashley and I found our selves in Southern California, Anaheim to be specific, and were dawdling about with no particular purpose in mind. Without warning, we were whisked away on the most fantastical of adventures, that I will now do my best to describe to you.

After being sucked through a magical gateway, we found ourselves in a strange futuristic land. It was some kind of world of tomorrow! We knew we had to get out of here, so we booked passage on a starship that would take us over the highest peaks of the Space Mountain. The trip was thrilling and perilous, and unfortunately we crashed and found ourselves trapped on a terrifying junkyard planet. Ash and I were so scarred we didn’t know what to do, luckily, we were rescued by the brave Captain EO who led us to safety and liberated the planet from its evil trash overlords. Captain EO told us that to escape we needed to change the world by helping the Space Rangers defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, so we got in our space cruisers and blasted our way out of that space-hell hole!

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it home just yet. Our cruiser crashed landed in some kind of world filled with Fantasy, where we met many strange characters! We tried flying out, escaping through a mine, hiding on pleasure island, and riding out on horses, but nothing worked! Finally, we borrowed a car from this crazy frog, but since Ash isn’t a very good driver, we died and went to Hell. But we made a deal with the demons and he let us escape through a whale’s mouth… weird right? After that, we took a really long boat ride that went around the whole world, but we still couldn’t find our way home! This was getting annoying!

So, me being from Hawaii, I figured we could go ask some Tikis for help. We found a room full of enchanted tikis and the told us that we could find the way home through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. So we went there, but it was just a stupid tourist trap where some jackass in a fedora kept trying to sell us golden idols. We figured that we’d never find the way home in this land of adventure, so we found the nearest port and set sail.

That was a mistake, because we got attacked by PIRATES! It was nuts. Luckily, with Johnny Depp’s help, we managed to escape in one piece (even though Ash did get shot by a drunken pirate riding a canon). We got off the ship and walked through a Wood that I’d say had to be at least 99 acres. We saw a bunch of animals before we got caught up in a flood and had to eat some mushrooms… Things got pretty weird here so I’m just gonna skip forward.

Next thing I remember we were in the wild west, which is weird (alliteration). We found an old abandoned mine train, and we knew that this was the way home. We hopped aboard and took the wildest ride in the wilderness where we saw some wacky stuff, like a DINOSAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUR.
Once we passed the dinosaur we were whisked away through the magic gates again and found ourselves at the Quality Inn off of Katella. It was the strangest thing thats ever happened to us, and I hope it never happens again.



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