We got married young so now let's figure this shit out.

One Year Wedding Anniversary Staycation

As our one year wedding anniversary was drawing closer and closer it became apparent that we had… no money. As they say, life happens and it sure was happening in full swing as we wracked our brains on what to do for our anniversary. Our options were pretty scarce and our usual vacation ideas (Disneyland, camping, Tahoe) just weren’t feasible. So we had to do the inevitable – staycation.

Sure, this decision was a disappointment, I’m not going to sit here and lie and say “LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE, WE DON’T NEED YOUR HOTELS OR NEW PLACES” because I was really bummed. Maybe because it was our first anniversary as married humans or because I can be a sour puss, but Mike, with his ultimate optimism when it comes to us, reassured me it would be fun.

And he was right! Luckily for us, we enjoy pretty normal and every day activities. Like food. Or grocery stores, or impromptu trips to Target. Or my personal favorite… sitting on my ass. So we did all those things and more.

Mike took five days off (the first one reserved to my brother’s elopement in San Francisco), we kicked out our roommate for a few days and dedicated our lovely little home as our new and fresh hotel.

When I planned our little staycation, not much need to be set in stone as we didn’t even have money to do much locally. However, I did have one, mega important plan: paint an accent wall in our living room. We were still pretty broke for this, but we decided to just try to find a gallon of oops paint at Home Depot that we liked (for those of you who don’t know what oops paint is, it’s the cans of paint hat Home Depot mixes but some how turns out wrong so they sell it for like $5). That… never happened. All weekend we only found off white and grey colors and that’s not how we roll. It just goes to show you, things can even go wrong during a staycation.

So what went right? Everything. We ate all kinds of food that we love… did I mention we love food? We went to a different town’s Farmer’s Market for a change of pace. We ate brunch at a restaurant we had never been to and were very curious about (it was delicious). We ate (lots of) food from restaurants we had been to. We spent lots of time at hardware stores looking at paint and plants. We went to our favorite place to kiss and run around: the grocery store. We drove too far for a Yelp! event that was too boring (we don’t drink I think was the problem, the cause was great), and laughed at an improv jam. We ate FREEZER CAKE. We even had friends over and busted out a brand new fire pit we found on clearance (frugality never sleeps!). Too many things to list and talk about, really.

I’m not trying to sit on my high horse and say that I staycationed and was a hipster and have cute pictures of my husband in a record store (mmm). I’m just simply saying that yeah, I was pretty butt hurt on the lack of a “real” vacation for my BIG DEAL OMG first year anniversary, but it turned out fun. And like our wedding, it embodied us.


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  1. I really liked this entry. And honestly, your staycation looked awesome. You still went out and did things, which is fantastic and part of the whole point–as long as you’re doing something different and fun and you have time off, it’ll be fantastic. I’m sad you didn’t find an awesome paint color, though. Plus, the real awesome anniversary (supposedly) is 5 years, and who knows where you’ll be then. 🙂

    July 16, 2011 at 16:34

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