We got married young so now let's figure this shit out.


Hi, hello. We are Ashley and Mike!


our faces.

We are 20-somethings who have been together for years and years (ROMANTICALLY — GASP!) and got married in the summer of 2010. We have lived all over California and Mike spent the majority of his childhood surfing to school in Hawaii. We went to high school together and were buddies, you know, no big deal. Now we sit in our small home in an alley and laugh together. We make snide comments about the people that pass by us at the mall and embarrass ourselves on stage (and in life) with our improv troupe (Dragon Viper Cobra). Mike is a thrift store assistant manager (but doesn’t wear ironic sweaters or horn rimmed glasses) and Ashley is a full time student at an all women’s liberal arts college.

In this space we hope to put all of our creative energy into one place and share all of our snide remarks, whining about movies and TV and feel intellectual by talking about books to be better than YOU! Ok, not really, subscribe and comment and stuff. Enjoy.


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